Designate a Moving Coordinator to Supervise Your Office Relocation

moving fail photo

Several years ago, I learned personally what can happen when a move is poorly planned.  As you’ll seen in the photograph to the left, I discovered too late that my larger, more expensive furniture could not fit into my new apartment due to an unusual floor layout.  I bring up this episode because it demonstrates how important it is to carefully plan a commercial office move, which is more complex, expensive, and consequential than a residential move.   The best way to ensure that your office move is well planned and well executed is to designate a moving coordinator to supervise your office relocation.

Once you finalize the decision to relocate, you should immediately select a moving coordinator to plan the move.  The coordinator must be flexible and calm in a crisis, and have enough authority to make major decisions.  The coordinator should also be professional and a good representative of your company, as they will serve as your liaison to moving-related vendors.

Smaller offices usually just need a single moving coordinator, but medium and larger-sized offices should have a moving team, with representatives from each department.  When moving a larger office, use a team approach to communicate with all departments so that no major areas are overlooked during the relocation.

Keep in mind the following when selecting your moving coordinator and/or moving team:

  • Choose employees who are reliable, organized, decisive, and who communicate well.
  • Coordinating the move is a significant task.  The moving coordinator/team must be able to either clear some of their existing responsibilities or be able to take on additional responsibility.  Evening and weekend work hours may be necessary.
  • Choose a person or team you trust and empower them to do the job.  Give the moving team’s representatives the authority to make decisions on the department’s behalf.
  • Encourage your moving team and/or coordinator to use your tenant representative broker as a resource.  Most businesses only relocate once every few years, but tenant representative brokers help businesses relocate every day.

Whatever problem your business encounters while planning your relocation, chances are your tenant representation broker has seen it before with another client, and he will be able to help you resolve it.  An experienced tenant representative broker will also be familiar with all of the local vendors and will be able to provide recommendations.  For more information about about tenant representation, click here.  For more information about planning an office relocation, click here or contact me at or (630) 805-2463.



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