“Donut” Forget Your Lease Expiration

donutAs a public service to office tenants in my market, I deliver free donuts to office users on the anniversary of the tenant’s lease expiration date.  I jokingly call this service, “Donut” Forget Your Lease Expiration!  Pardon the bad pun.

If you are like me, you don’t need a reason to eat donuts.  However, my free donut deliveries do serve a purpose.

After moving into their new office, many businesses hide their commercial lease in a desk and forget about it until their landlord calls them with an offer to renew.  This approach minimizes the tenant’s leverage in a negotiation and prevents the tenant from taking advantages of opportunities in the market.

I deliver donuts to your office to provide an annual reminder of your lease expiration date and to encourage you to start your lease negotiations early enough to lower your overhead costs.

To sign up for free donut deliveries, please email me at troy@goldengroupcre.com or call me at (630) 805-2463.  I will need the following information:

  • Office lease expiration date
  • Number of employees at office
  • Real estate decision maker contact’s name, job title, email, and direct phone (eg, John Smith, CFO, jsmith@acme.com, 630.555.1111)

For more on the importance of starting the office negotiation early, please see my articles 10 Tips for Office Tenants in a Renewal Negotiation and How to Find the Right Office Location in 10 Steps.


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