How to Choose the Right Broker for Your Office Search

how to choose a brokerThere are several topics and questions that should be on your mind when you are interviewing brokers.  I recommend interviewing at least two brokers and making sure these topics are covered in the conversation:

  • Scope and Size of Firm
  • Focus of Firm
  • Focus of Broker
  • Experience of Broker (Years in CRE, Years in Specialization)

Firms should also watch out for and avoid two personality types common in the brokerage community:

The Hyper-Aggressive Broker
The Ultra-Selective Broker

This content has moved to a new home! For my full article, please go to my new website, You can find this full article linked HERE. Thanks for reading!

For more information on the function and utility of a tenant representation commercial real estate broker, read “Why Should I Retain a Broker to Negotiate My Office Lease?”

For more on how to relocate your office or renew your lease, read “How to Find the Right Office Location in 10 Steps” or “Ten Tips for Office Tenants in a Renewal Negotiation.”


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